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We Are Moomin By Nordicbuddies

Nordicbuddies launched in the end of 2019 to express our passion to the Moomin values. Based in Finland & Sweden, we felt a strong need for a Moomin collection for young stylish adults. We, the creators of Nordicbuddies, grew up with the 90s animation and are now adults and still big fans of the Moomins. We want to represent their story and values and invite the younger and older generations to join us! 
Curiosity, courage & determination - there are some of the most important Moomin values that drive our company. We are determined to brake boundaries in order to bring our clients high quality items, with courageous colors & responsible production. 
Our products are made in China and we make prints for shirts in Finland. Our factories in China are of high quality and all our products meet the standards of the REACH regulations, and we are involved in inspection programs such as SMETA, BSCI and WRAP. Our products are also OEKO-Tex certified. It is very important to us as a company that our products are manufactured as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible, even if the production takes place in China. For this reason, we choose our manufacturing partner carefully.
The cotton we use in our products is sourced from Anhui and Henan regions in China. We do not support the exploitation of the Uighurs. We have already invested and will continue to invest in the eco-efficiency of our products. We are achieving this by removing and minimizing the use of unnecessary packaging materials and swapping the necessary packaging materials for more eco-friendly and biodegradeable options. We've created a range of official Moomin socks, hats, face masks and more, all featuring the lovable characters from the iconic Moomin stories.