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Established in 2019 in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Our journey began with a vision to fill a void in the market. With Moomin we noticed a gap where clothing options catered to the older generations and kids, yet there was a noticeable absence for the style-conscious young adults. This realization became the cornerstone of our brand.

Immersed in the world of animation, characters, and comics from the 90s era, we, the NordicBuddies team, share a common love for the nostalgic charm that defined our upbringing.

The essence of NordicBuddies is derived from the synergy of two vital elements: 'Nordic' and 'Buddies.' The first part, 'Nordics,' embodies our commitment to showcasing the richness of Nordic brands, beloved icons such as Moomin and Mauri Kunnas. We believe in bringing these cherished brands to life through exceptional products that resonate with people's deep connections and fond memories. The second part, 'Buddies,' is a testament to our inclusive philosophy. At NordicBuddies, we celebrate diversity and believe that it doesn't matter where you come from or who you are – we are all buddies.

Our products are made in China and we make prints for shirts in Finland. Our factories in China are of high quality and all our products meet the standards of the REACH regulations, and we are involved in inspection programs such as SMETA, BSCI and WRAP. Our products are also OEKO-Tex certified. It is very important to us as a company that our products are manufactured as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible, even if the production takes place in China. For this reason, we choose our manufacturing partner carefully.
The cotton we use in our products is sourced from Anhui and Henan regions in China. We do not support the exploitation of the Uighurs. We have already invested and will continue to invest in the eco-efficiency of our products. We are achieving this by removing and minimizing the use of unnecessary packaging materials and swapping the necessary packaging materials for more eco-friendly and biodegradeable options.